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Andrew Jackson Jihad - Fucc The Devil chords

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This is my first ever tab. I don't think it is 100% accurate, but it works. The 
end might need more work.
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G                                             C
I'm gonna fuck the devil in his mouth.
                     Am                                D
I just need to listen to my sickness so I can learn how
               G                             C                  Am                        D
and then train for a couple of weeks until I have all the skills I need.
      G                                C
The flask is an alcoholic's paintbrush.
       Am                            D
The flask is an alcoholic's toothbrush.
                             G                 C
I need to go throw up now.
                          Am                 D
I want to be the queen of belly rubs now.
I am gonna quit my job cus I've got another job
                 C                          Am
and I don't need to work two jobs.
I guess you could call me lucky.
  G                                     C
I need to confront my own weakness.
          Am                             D                                   G
Some days I feel like I'm the weakest and others the strongest.
                              C                                   Am
These days are the longest and I've got the weirdest feeling
D                                       C              G
about this and I wanna go away for a while.
C              G
away for a while.
                   C                Am     D           Am       D              Am               G
Because the things that I have seen are turning me into a shitty human being.
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