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Andrew Jackson Jihad - Forest Fire chords

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Hey, guys. This is one of my favorite AJJ tunes and I haven't found a tab for it 
so i figure I'd do one.

Em                                            C
Waking from napping with a bad taste in your mouth

G                                                     D
Wishing you were sleeping you don't want to leave the house

Em                                              C
Dripping from your dreaming of a habit you renounced

     G                  D
Get out of bed, please go away,

  Get out, get out,

get out

Em                                                  C
You see a liar in the mirror he's sneering in that way
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G                                                             D
That makes you feel unsafe, insane, and you hate to see his face

Em                                                    C
You punch the mirror to shut him up but he won't go away

         G              D
He just multiplies, intensifies

  He's twenty tiny


Am                C
Is it getting better?

G                     D
Its really getting worse

Am                        C
I'll give a thousand apologies

G                D
For a thousand hurts

Em                                            C
The forest is on fire but we're gonna let it burn

          G                      D
We're controlling it, we've got it handled

    Thanks for your

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