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Afghan Whigs - Into The Light tab

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From: "Manuel Zanzi" 
Subject: a/afghan_whigs/
Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 03:56:37 PDT

Into the light
By Afghan Whigs
Album: Black love
Written by Greg Dulli
Transcribed and submitted by Manuel Zanzi (

This is just a interpretation, there's a lot improvisation in there.
Just fool around with the chords, and make it sound sad...

Verse riff
  C            G                  Fill1     Em(7)
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Like this:
          C         G       Fill1   Em
when the light has gone...
          C           G       Fill1   Em
and the stillnes is shaken...
          C            G         Fill1   Em
and the drug of your smile, has gone
     C        G       Fill1   Em
And left me alone
          C               G           Fill1                 Em
I need it bad, I need it now, wont u come'n'me and give me some.
            C           G      Fill1              Em
I need it sweet, baby please, wont u answer the phone

Chorus riff
  Fill2        Em     C
G--------------0--0---0--0--Keep strumming---|
D--------------2--2---2--2--one measure------|

  Fill2         Em     C
 Step into the light, Baby
  Fill2            Em       C
 just give me the word, and I will begin
  Fill2         Em     C (keep strumming)
 Step into the light, Baby
 And see the trouble i'm in

Post chorus riff
  C      G
G-0--0-0-0----------------|four times

second verse:
         C         G    Fill1   Em
now the light has gone
    C       G     Fill1   Em
my love is gone
     C               G    Fill1   Em
the good times have gone
C    G    Fill1    Em
          C               G          Fill1 Em
I have to ask, I need to know was it ever love
            C           G            Fill1                  Em
I need it sweet, baby please, wont u come'n'me and give me some

Chorus and post chorus as above... end on C.
Corrections, comments and all that are of course Welcome
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