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Afghan Whigs - Crazy chords

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Transcribed by: Dev Chopra

OK, this is not in the original key. On the album it's in
F rather than C, but I play it like this because it's easier
to sing for me. I've really transcribed this to play with an
acoustic, so hence the liberal use of Fmaj7.

C             Am             Fmaj7  
 Whatever did happen to your soul?
  C          Am	      Fmaj7		
I heard you sold it
C	    Am		    Fmaj7			
 To some old boy who lived uptown
    C        Am      Fmaj7
Who could afford it
C                Am             Fmaj7 
 So what's gonna happen to you now?
Am      Am/G   Fmaj7    
Therapy... The pharmacy
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C  Am  
Fmaj7             C
That's what you'd like to believe
    Am       Fmaj7 
But it ain't easy
C                 Am
When yer goin' crazy
Fmaj7    C
Over the rainbow

C Am Fmaj7 C
C Am Fmaj7 C

C             Am                 Fmaj7
"I think your story's jive," she said
                    C           Am  
There ain't nuthin' wrong with me
     Fmaj7                 C 
If I use it to get me some sympathy
Am     Fmaj7 
  Some ecstasy
  Am     Am/G  Fmaj7   
A memory... I wanna remember me

C Am Fmaj7 C
Am G Fmaj7 C
C Am Fmaj7 C
C Am Fmaj7 C

Crazy about ya
Crazy without ya
Over you
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