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Adams Johnny - A World I Never Made tab

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Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 21:12:43 -0800
From: John Walthier 
Subject: CRD:a/adams_johnny/a_world_i_never-made.crd

Title:		A World I Never Made
Artist:		Johnny Adams
Author:		Doc Pumus/Mac Redennack
>From Album:	A Room With A View of the Blues

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C                E7
The late show is over
Am      C7          F      F#07
And the city's half asleep
C        E7       Am
And I'm lost in a world
D7                                 G7
That's just too cold, too cold and deep.
C                   E7
I've turned so many ways
Am       C7             F    F#07
And I'm spinning like a top
C           E7          Am
I wish that I could get off
            D7 G7                       C        G7
Or that the world, that the world would stop.

     C                  E7
	I'm a stranger and afraid
     Am    C7           F       F#07
	I'm a stranger and afraid
     C     A7           D7
	I'm a stranger and afraid
          G7            C     F   F#07
	In a world I never made.

C                  E7
I'm always chasing dragons
Am     C7                   F     F#07
With a sword that's made of tin
C     E7         Am
And I know in my soul
D7                        G7
There's no way that I can win.
C                E7
I try, oh, how I try
Am             C7                 F     F#07
But there's no place, no place to go
C       E7              Am
There's no one here who knows me
D7         G7     C      G7
And no one here I know.