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Adams Bryan - Let Him Know tab

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Date: Sat, 27 May 1995 19:02:18 -0400
Subject: "Let Him Know" (Bryan Adams)

Let Him Know (Bryan Adams) - Cuts Like a Knife (1983)

Fadd9  xx3213      Ab     466544
Fm     xx3111      Eb     xx5343
Bb     xx3331      Db     xx3121


C          Em    Am
Another day goes by
           F                    C
Still you wonder what happened
                    Em              Am
You=92d give the world for one more try
But you=92re too shy to ask him
      Fm                       Am
You don=92t want to ask him now
                 C                 F
I know your heart will pull you through
If he means that much to you, yeah

You gotta let him know (Let him know, know that you love him)
Let him know that you love him (Let him know, know that you need him)
                   Bb                                         F
You gotta let him know (Let him know, know that you want him now)

C              Em            Am
What can I say? It=92s up to you
          F                   C
You gotta make up your own mind
            Em                Am
It=92s your life, it=92s up to you
Cause you didn=92t believe me
     Fm                           Am
You still don=92t believe me now
              C                    F
You=92re gonna see it=92s all coming true
That=92s why I=92m leaving it up to you, yeah


Ab  Eb Db
                                              Eb  Db  Ab
The news is out I guess you heard
                                                 Eb  Db  Ab
You shouldn=92t breathe a single word
                                                      Eb     Db          =
The bottom line is nothing=92s going to stop you now
You gotta let him know....

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