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Adam Sandler - Crazy Love tab

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Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 09:42:46
From: Ryan 

					    Crazy Love
				           Adam Sandler
					Transcribed by Ryan LaBuda
   A          D	         A        D             A        D             E
  A--B--E--E#-D--E--D    A--B--E--E#-D--C--B    A--B--E--E#-D--E--D    B--E--D------|D

A                   D       A             D
You don't mind that I think everybody's a robot
    A            D                   E
And all my conversations are being recorded

    A                      D   A                 D
And you don't mind that all my pants are way too short on me
      A                                   D                    E
And I also stabbed someone with a pair of scissors a long time ago Ha-Ha-Ha

    A                   D    A                 D
And you don't care that I collect dead animals from the side of the road
A                     D                    E
Then pretend they're alive and think I'm a famous football player

    A                D                   A                     D
And you don't have a problem with when I follow people I never met before
    A                                          D                            E
And force them to look at the portrait of Neil Diamond I have tatooed on my back

It's very pretty baby
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         A                       D
Well you must've been sent from above
       A                    D
You're all that I can think of
       A                    E
You're just as psychotic as me
My crazy love

        A          D                  A                   D
Well it never ever bothers you when I wear my snowsuit to bed everynight
      A                           D                 E
And I make you speak in tongues to me until I fall asleep

Blah bloo blah bloo bloo Thank You

    A                  D             A                      D
And you don't make fun of me cause I still make out with my stepfather
      A                               D                    E
And I also tell everyone I was on a UFO for two and a half years

I believe you sugar pie

           A                D
'Cause our love is right on track
    A                      D
I'm yours You're mine it's fact
         A                   E
Don't forget to take your Prozac
My crazy love

D                             E
Yesterday I tickled a man who wasn't even there
D                                                  E
Three days before that I ran down the street in my Wonder Woman underwear

I didn't care

A                   D                     A                D
Babe I know I never had a job 'Cause I'm afraid to talk to people
         A                     D                           E
'Cause I know that they're all robots who are seeking information

They can't fool you sweetheart

    A                         D               A                            D
And I know that you know that I'm the one who burned my cousin Chester's house to the ground
        A                                  D                               E
But you told the cops we were out ballroom dancing when they came and questioned you

I ain't no fink dollface

          A              D
'Cause we know that it's true
  A               D
Only I could love you
   A                 E
We both eat with our hands
My crazy love
   D            A
My crazy, crazy love

    D                                    A
Oh I wish everyone was dead except for you, baby
Oh I feel the same way
Would you throw some macaroni on me

Oh yeah, sure here you go
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