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Across The Border - Follow Your Girl tab

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Title:       Follow your girl (Soldier John)
Group:       Across the boarder
Album:       Hag Songs

INTRO:     4x Dm     Dm    F    Am     C
INTERLUDE:    Dm     Am  (4x)

   Well, my name is soldier John
               F                 Am
   and forgotten is my grave 
   F                      Dm
   I fought for my loved country
         Am    C               Dm
   and I died young and brave
         Am    C    
   but I died young and...  

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   ||: Follow your girl, follow your girl
            F                           Am C Dm
   donít follow the call of a general :||

   My girl said: please donít go
   when I was leaving the town
   some of us never came back
   for god and for the crown
   for god and for the...


    Weeds grow on his grave
   watered by my tears
   why didnít he follow me
   why did he block his ears
   why did --- he block --- his...


CHORUS (4x)     ( At the end of last CHORUS play ge --- ne --- ral) 

OUTRO (4x):       Dm    Bb    F     Am    Dm    Bb    F     G 
END:                    Dm

Notice: Each CHORUS (except the last 4 ) is followed by the INTERLUDE. 
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